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Video Frame Rate Converter.

Change the frame rate or FPS of any video online.

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Increase & Decrease Video FPS

With this app, you can increase any video frame rate or decrease its fps.

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You just need to select your video and input the new Frame rate, then click on the Convert button

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There is no loss in the video and audio quality. This web app produces videos with high resolution.

About Video FPS Converter

Do you want to convert a 60fps video to 120fps, then you can make use of this app. This is a video frame rate changer online web app that allows you change the frame rate of any video. You can choose to either increase the video's frame rate or reduce it.

We support all popular video formats like mp4, vob, avi, flv, h264, mpeg 3gp and m4v. our system id very fast and the results are of high resolution up to 2k and 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution. You can reduce a videos frame rate so the video plays like a stop motion video or increase the frame rate so the video plays smoothly. This web app is very easy to use and the video conversion is fast. You can always access it through your web browser on your mobile phones, pc and tablets.

You can now convert videos to 120fps online for free using this ai AI video FPS converter that makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce a video that plays smoothly and is realistic

When using this video frame rate increaser, you have various options when converting your video. You can choose to customize options for the video speed.


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