Useful tools to assist you in your everyday activities

Kapsave is a repository of useful tools you can use to smplify your everyday tasks.

Video To Pdf Converter

Convert mp4 videos to pdf document file online

Video Frame Rate / FPS Changer

Change the frame rate or fps of any mp4 video

Repair Corrupt Mp4 Videos

You can now repair corrupt and damaged video files.

Repair Damaged Audio Files

Repair corrupt and damaged mp3 audio files for free

Repair Corrupt Zip Files

Repair Corrupt Zip files and recover its content

NPM Package Downloader as Zip

Download npm package as zip or tgz

Open .gz Archive Files

Open .gz, .tar.gz, .tgz, .xz and .tar archive files

Solve Simultaneous Equation

Solve Simultaneous equation easily and quickly with this simultaneous equation calculator

Open .har Files

Open .har files (HTTP Archive format)

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