June 13, 2024

Gomble Airdrop Review | Eligibility & How To Claim

Gomble is a gaming platform that creates enjoyable and innovative games to enhance the core experience of gaming. They are known for maximizing the Gaming Experience (GX) and have a collaborative approach with a squad of partners to build games together. In addition to game development, Gomble is currently hosting the Gomble Airdrop, an exciting opportunity for gamers to participate in event games, lift hot air balloons, burst them, and claim Mystery Marbles as rewards. The platform emphasizes community involvement and invites gamers of all levels to join the fun and share the excitement of gaming growth.

Step By Step Guide To Participate In Gomble Airdrop

To Participate In Gomble Airdrop, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Gomble airdrop page to begin your journey
  2. Click on the Signup button to create an account
  3. After signup, you would be faced with the below task list which you must complete to accumulate points which make you qualify for the airdrops
  • Daily Check-in: +10
  • Agree to receive promotional emails: +5
  • Connect your Twitter: +250
  • Follow GOMBLE Twitter: +10
  • Follow CEO’s Twitter: +10
  • Follow CBO’s Twitter: +10
  • Join GOMBLE Discord: +20
  • Achieve Gold role in GOMBLE Discord: +10
  • Achieve Platinum role in GOMBLE Discord: +15
  • Achieve Diamond role in GOMBLE Discord: +25
  • AMA with GuildFi: Submit Redeem Code (+10)
  • AMA with Binance Labs: Submit Redeem Code (+10)
  • AMA with SearchFi: Submit Redeem Code (?)
  • AMA with Fidelion & The Heist: Submit Redeem Code (?)
  • GOMBLE’s 1st AMA: Submit Redeem Code (+10)
  • Check your MATR1X NFT: +10
  • Check your OVERWORLD NFT: +10
  • Check your Fusionist NFT (Alpha Prestige, Quartan Primes): +10
  • Check your DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT: +10
  • Check your Fidelion NFT: +10
  • Check your $YGG (Yield Guild Games, erc-20 only): +10
  • Check your $AXS: +10
  • Check your Axie NFT: +10
  • Check your Mocaverse: +10
  • Check your BAYC: +10
  • Check your MAYC: +10
  • Check your Otherside NFT: +10

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