Tonai Airdrop Review | Eligibility & How To Claim

Ton AI, short for Ton Artificial Intelligence, is a rapidly advancing project within the Ton Blockchain community. This project unfolds across three key stages, offering users a journey from mining to engaging in the TonAI Wars Game. TonAI is designed with growth and adaptability in mind, aiming to emerge as a leading GameFi (Game Finance) development within the TON ecosystem.

Stages of TonAI

  1. Mining Phase: The initial stage involves mining $TAI tokens by leveraging accumulated hash rates.
  2. TonAI Wars – Testnet: A phase dedicated to testing the TonAI Wars Game on the network’s test environment.
  3. TonAI Wars – Mainnet: The final stage where the TonAI Wars Game is fully launched on the main network.

Currently, TonAI is in its mining phase, inviting users to participate in the project’s early stages and contribute to its growth.

How to Participate in TonAI Airdrop

To join the TonAI airdrop and start earning $TAI tokens, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the TonAI Telegram bot using the provided link:
    • Claim Hashrates: Connect your wallet and claim hash rates every five minutes. This action helps in accumulating $TAI tokens.
  2. Engage in Tasks: Complete various tasks to earn additional Ton AI tokens. These tasks enhance your participation and rewards within the TonAI ecosystem.
  3. Mint NFTs: Mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to receive a bonus of +3,000,000 hash rates with every mint of the TonAI Assistant.

Before minting an NFT, ensure that you have completed the necessary steps. After successfully minting the NFT, you’re all set to enjoy the benefits it offers.

For further updates and information regarding TonAI, follow their Twitter account @tonn_ai.

By following these steps, users can actively engage in the TonAI airdrop, contribute to the project’s development, and potentially earn rewards within the TonAI ecosystem. Join TonAI today and be a part of its evolution in the Ton Blockchain community!


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