July 21, 2024

DopTest (Dop Testnet) Airdrop Review | Eligibility & How To Claim Airdrop

The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) is a system that uses zero-knowledge proofs to help people control their data on the Ethereum blockchain. It lets users and decentralized applications (DApps) keep their assets and transactions private, but also allows them to choose what information to reveal, like how many tokens they have or their transaction history.

On traditional public blockchains like Ethereum, everyone can see all the data, which can be a problem. It means people have no say in how much of their information is visible. This lack of control can lead to issues like front-running (where someone sees your transaction and tries to do it first), “whale-watching” (keeping an eye on big transactions), and phishing attacks.

DOP solves this by giving users more control. They can decide what to share and what to keep private. It works with different types of assets on Ethereum, like ERC20 tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and it’s easy to use with wallets and other apps.

The protocol brings data ownership to Ethereum, meaning users have more say in who sees their information. It also supports anonymous identity verification through zero-knowledge proofs, which means you can prove something about yourself without revealing everything.

To claim the Dop testnet airdrop, you need to complete a few tasks which makes you eligible for the airdrop.As part of the process, you’ll create a DOP wallet and connect it to your Metamask – make sure to save these wallets to be able to claim your rewards after the official token launch.

Steps To Claim Dop Testnet Airdrop

  1. Go to the Doptest airdrop page.
  2. Make a wallet and link it to your Metamask account.
  3. Finish 8 tasks to claim the airdrop:
    a. Follow DOP on X and tweet about the testnet.
    b. Claim ETH on the Sepolia testnet.
    c. Get free DOP test tokens.
    d. Add the contract to your wallet.
    e. Get Testnet versions of various crypto assets.
    f. Encrypt assets with DOP.
    g. Send encrypted assets.
    h. Decrypt some encrypted assets.
  4. Invite at least 3 friends to join and complete step 1 for reward eligibility. Earn a 20% bonus for each friend who completes the testnet starting from your 4th friend.

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