July 21, 2024

Shardeum Airdrop Review | Eligibility & How To Claim

Shardeum functions as a decentralized platform facilitating secure peer-to-peer transactions and executing smart contracts, enabling automated agreements coded directly into the blockchain. It supports tokenization, allowing the creation and management of digital assets representing various entities, enhancing liquidity and fractional ownership.

Shardeum enables token holders to engage in staking, where they lock up tokens to secure the network and participate in governance processes, influencing platform evolution. Through its platform, developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) spanning diverse sectors such as decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, social networking, and supply chain management.

Shardeum addresses scalability challenges by implementing sharding, dividing the network into smaller, manageable segments for parallel transaction processing, while promoting interoperability to facilitate seamless communication and asset transfer across different blockchain networks


The eligibility for the Shardeum airdrop is determined based on specific criteria outlined by the project. Early contributors are categorized into different groups such as off-chain contributors, on-chain contributors, developers, and node validators, each with their respective eligibility requirements.

  1. Off-chain Contributors:
    • Involvement in designing the Shardeum logo
    • Contribution to website development
    • Promotion of Shardeum awareness on Twitter
    • Engagement in the Shardeum Discord community
  2. On-chain Contributors:
    • Active participation in stress testing the Shardeum network
    • Engagement in transactions and testing of ecosystem dApps
  3. Developers:
    • Deployment of dApps on the Shardeum network
    • Participation in hackathons showcasing technical prowess and innovation
  4. Node Validators:
    • Participation in securing the network
    • Fulfillment of specific criteria for node operation and validation

How To Claim Testnet Airdrop

  1. Visit Shardeum website.
  2. Click the menu item and select “Claim testnet SHM”.
  3. Add Shardeum network to Metamask.
  4. Request testnet SHM from faucet.
  5. Try Shardeum dApps like SharDex, Swapped Finance, and ShardeumSwap.
  6. Get a domain name from DotShm.
  7. Explore Shardeum’s complete dApp ecosystem.
  8. Set up a validator node for highest airdrop chance.
  9. Eligible contributors for Airdrop Phase 1 announced.
  10. Airdrop includes offline/online contributors, developers, and node validators.
  11. Phase 1 cutoff is one day before testnet launch.
  12. 3,296,500 SHM for incentivized campaign, 18,441,900 for mainnet.
  13. Total of 25,400,000 SHM allocated for airdrops.
  14. Read more about airdrop in this article.

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