July 21, 2024

Nibiru Chain Airdrop Review | How To Claim

The Nibiru Chain is a new type of blockchain that’s really fast and safe. It’s designed to make it easy for developers to build useful stuff like games and financial apps, using smart contracts. These smart contracts run on a special engine called Wasm, which makes them really secure against common types of cyber attacks. Lots of projects are starting to use Nibiru Chain because it helps them make digital assets easy to use and keeps them safe from hackers.

Nibiru Chain Engagement Airdrop

The Nibiru Chain Gamified Engagement Airdrop lets you earn Nibi Points by interacting with @NibiruChain on Twitter or another platform. You can get points by liking, replying, or sharing NibiruChain’s tweets, and by posting your own content. These points might bring you benefits later when Nibiru Chain’s mainnet launches. You can find more info and join the airdrop at https://nibiru.fi/airdrops or https://gleam.io/YLnQl/nibiru-chain-gamified-engagement-airdrop.

How To Participate In Airdrop

To participate in Nibiru chain airdrop, your Twitter or X account needs to have at least 50 followers by the end of the campaign. Cheating or malicious activities will get you disqualified. Everyone joining must go through KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, except for people from the U.S. who can’t use or redeem Nibi Points. People from certain countries are also ineligible to participate.

Nibi Points measure how much you’re involved in the airdrop. You can earn them by connecting your Twitter account and a Nibiru-compatible wallet. Then link your wallet to your Twitter account and start doing tasks. Once you’ve linked your wallet, you can keep earning points without reconnecting it every time.

Steps To Earn Nibi Points

Nibi Points can be earned through the following:

  1. Connect your Twitter account on the airdrops page.
  2. Connect a Nibiru-compatible wallet.
  3. Link your wallet to your Twitter account in the top-right corner by clicking “Link Wallet”. Once your wallet is linked, you don’t need to keep reconnecting it; you can just do the tasks on Twitter/X.

After linking your wallet, you should now see the dashboard any time your X account is connected. Please review this video regarding wallet creation and connecting it to the airdrop page if you’re still experiencing issues.
Blog #35 | Nibiru Chain’s Gamified Engagement Airdrop

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